Wheel Hubs & Bearings

Nordic's Wheel Hub program is designed and evaluated with quality tools and systems established in accordance to ISO/TS 16949 and subjected to 18 different tests including;

Dynamic life of the bearing system under typical load and temperature conditions

Hub fatigue

Sealing system efficiency against outside contamination

Extreme temperature testing (-40°C to +150°C/-40°F to +300°F) of rubber, nylon and plastic accessories

Material composition analysis

Vibration, noise and more.

Wheel bearings
2nd generation wheel hub
3rd generation wheel hub
wheel Hub

  • ·  ISO/TS16949 Certified
  • ·  Premium modified bearing steel
  • ·  Optimized sealing systems
  • ·  Specific roller and raceway profiles

Features and Benefits..

Hubs and bearings are 100% operation and performance tested

Wheel hub units feature an integral raceway with precise clearances for extended life

Induction hardened for superior bearing performance

Wheel hub assemblies duplicate the OE design in 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation units

Raw Material

Steel specifications: SKF3 ,GCr15 &1070 incoming inspection:

- Chemical composition
- Hardness
- Structure

2nd Generation

Wheel bearing design with ball bearings or tapered roller bearings and integral wheel flange. The outer bearing ring of the double row, angular, contact ball bearing features an integral flange. Typically used for non-driven front or rear wheels.

3rd Generation

An integrated unit which consists of an integral double row, angular, contact ball bearing. The inner ring has an integral flange for wheel and brake rotor attachment and an outer ring with a flange for suspension attachment. Used for both driven and non-driven vehicle applications.