Shock Absorbers

The Nordic Shock Absorber program is produced to the highest standards by manufacturers holding ISO/TS 16949 and TUV quality certification.

Sourced directly from a major ISO/TS 16949 certified OE supplier with advanced shock absorber technology, manufacturing equipment and stringent test systems the Nordic Shock Absorber program is without compromise to quality and durability, utilising the best technology for high levels of comfort and safety.

All Nordic Shock Absorbers are Gas Charged, providing an optimal ride experience due to the pressurised Nitrogen Gas reducing aeration or foaming which often causes deterioration in performance.

Shock Absorbers
Strut Assembly
Twin Tube
Shock Absorbers

  • ·  All Nordic Shock Absorbers are Nitrogen gas charged
  • ·  Manufactured with hardened chrome plated piston rods
  • ·  Featuring multi stage rebound and compression valves
  • ·  Seamless end eye rings and high quality rubber bushings
  • ·  State of the art design and manufacturing technology

The Nordic Shock Absorber range
includes the following..


Monotube shock absorbers are high pressure-driven gas shocks that contain one tube only. As with the Twin Tube design it also uses a working piston and rod; however, monotube shock absorbers have greater mounting flexibility and operate either right side up or upside down, enabling them to sustain greater weight.

Twin Tube

In twin tube shock absorber operation, nitrogen gas, at a reduced pressure level, is added to the engine cylinder to replace oxygen. This addition of nitrogen reduces performance fade.

Struts and Strut Cartridges

The cylindrical cartridge located inside the spring of the steering arm acts as a dampener so that the spring cannot instantly throw the vehicles chassis back up after hitting a bump. The strut slows the rebound, thereby making the ride more comfortable.