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What is covered
  • This warranty covers all defects or malfunctions in NORDIC products with the exceptions stated below.
  • The warranty shall only cover defects and malfunctions arising under normal use.
  • Applicable to products fitted as spare parts in non-commercial vehicles, only.
  • This warranty is only valid for NORDIC products where installation is by authorised personnel such as a trained mechanic or technician.

Warranty period

The warranty shall be valid from purchase:
  • for a term of 3 years; or
  • upon a mileage of 36, 000 miles (thirty-six thousand miles) after installation; depending on which one is achieved sooner.

What is not covered
  • This warranty does not apply to wearable service products or brake friction products.
  • This warranty shall not apply to defects and malfunctions of NORDIC products resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, improper installation or repairs made by anyone other than an authorised and trained professional.

How to make a claim for warranty

Customers shall in the first instance contact the NORDIC warranty department -
In order to make a claim for components that are found to be defective, the following information is required:
  • an invoice with original fitting date and mileage;
  • an invoice showing the refitting of faulty part and mileage.

What NORDIC will do
  • Once a claim for warranty is received, NORDIC shall arrange an inspection and evaluation of the defective part. There is no charge to the customer for this service. If it is deemed that the product has prematurely failed NORDIC will replace or refund the customer at their discretion. No labour charges can be reclaimed.

Customer's statutory rights and applicable Laws
  • This warranty gives specific legal rights. The customer is entitled to other statutory provisions, which are not included in these terms.
  • The terms of this warranty shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales, and exclusively English Courts shall determine any disputes arising between NORDIC and the customer.